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On this website you can find the fastest lap records of many GeneRally tracks.
Everybody who wants, can beat any track record and enter the list of honour.
The list of honour is a all-time list. There is no time limit or deadline.
Race whenever you want. Website will be updated weekly.

1.0 How to race:

1.1 Download Gamepack from this website and install it. You can use any other GR installation (still GR 1.05)
     but be sure to use the right settings. You get the cars from Gamepack.
1.2 Choose a track from this website. Download track or follow link to get the track.
     Put the trackfile in Tracks directory (see 4.0 for Tracks/Permission).
1.3 Choose the declared car for the track.
     (see 2.0 Cars)
1.4 You can practice and test as long as you want.
1.5 To get a valid race for the ranking use the following settings:
     Reset Track (or use HLM-Tool, see A.1)
     laps: 5
     tyre wear: 0%
     fuel consumption: 0%
     fuel mass: 0 kg
     damage: 40%
     game speed: 100%
1.6 Cutting / Wallbouncing
     It is the job of all authors to build tracks with correct checkpoints and 'noncutable corners'.
     Tracks will always be used in their original state.
     A counted lap in GeneRally is valid. Cutting across free area is allowed.
     Cutting behind objects is not allowed. This is against the course of the track.
     Driving across a sunk tyre is allowed with max. middle of the car.
     Cutting through the box or getting more speed in the box is not allowed!.
     Wallbouncing should be prevented with high damage level.
     All five laps must be driven in one piece. Don't stop and get an other starting point for getting more speed.
     The final decision in all cases is incumbent by HLM-Team.
     You find more info on the track sites. If you have doubts, you can ask by mail or in forum.
1.7 If you have beaten the FastLap, make a zip.file with the three mandatory files:
     screen (min 640x800) with resulttable, savegame and track
     Send zip.file to:     hotlap_masters (at)     by adding driver name and nationality
     You can use HLM-Tool for easy zipping (see A.1)

2.0 Cars

     You must drive on each track with the predefined car from this website.
     Depending of the characteristic of the track, one of these cars is chosen:
     - Formula       (standard Car)
     - HLM-F1     (Tracklength > 600m)
     - HLM-GT-4x4       (Street/Off Road)
     After first record the car is fixed to track for this championchip.
     Never choose the HLM-F1 for tracks with lenght < 600m.
     Alternative Cars will be available later.

3.0 Ranking and Pointing system

     Each driver scores 1 Point if he gets a track record.
     If he loose the track record, the point goes to driver with new track record.
     If two driver count same number of points, ranking depends on 2nd places, 3rd places, lost record and date.
     You can't get 2nd or 3rd place directly. You must get 1st place first.
     Equal records or better 2/3 place are not relevant for the ranking.
     All drivers who were beaten from 3rd place are listed in 'Lost record'.
     The driver with most points is listed as Number 1 in ranking and called HotLap Master.

4.0 Tracks / Permission

4.1 Authors can send me their tracks with permission to provide it on this website.
     In this case, authors can define the car (from this website or car with permission/GR-Pack)
     Tracks should have a first FastLap (with HLM-Settings and needed 3 files).
     New track records will be provided in a separate file (flg-file) on this website.
4.2 Hotlap Racers can propose any track, which can be downloaded from a big website
     like GR int. Forum or Planet GeneRally (posted by the author).
     For future track records, the track will be provided with link to this website.
     New track records will be provided in a separate file on this website.
4.3 Racers, who send new records for the ranking give permission to provide the FastLap on this website.
     This will be done with a separate file, which could be merged with the original trackfile.

A.1 HotLap Masters Tool

     Make your race by using HotLap Master Tool (_hotlap_master.exe).
     Basically this tool makes it easy to reset a track. There is the normal (all zero)
     One-Key-Reset and a special FastLap-Ghost-Reset (FLG). When using the FLG-Reset,
     the track is merged with the actual track record. For this feature you need a flg-file.
     You get the flg-file on the track sites of HotLap Masters website.
     Unpack the zipped flg-file and copy it in the same directory as the track.
     The name is similar to the track: trackname.trk <-> trackname.flg
     The reason for the flg-files is the copyright. You can not get most tracks on HLM Website
     but with a link to a website, where the track is posted by author. With the flg-file
     it is possible, to import the fast lap in the original track.
     Beside this, the HLM-Tool can start GeneRally and make a zip-file with the three mandatory
     files by starting Competition Zipper (see A.2 Competition Zipper for details).
     When starting the tool first time, you must choose path to generally.exe
     Resetting works with buttons or by pressing F5 when running GeneRally
     (in menu or when showing result table)
     Resetting only works with the track selected in HLM-Tool (use Track-Button).
     If you can get a FastLapGhost file (flg), copy it into the same directory as chosen track.
     When reloading track or restarting tool, FL-Ghost-Button is active.
     If you have a wrong track, button is inactive and you get a hint.
     This is also a check, if you have the right track version.
     With the FL-Ghost-Button (F5 in GR) you get an alternative reset
     for selected track. Track is not completely reseted, but merged with
     Trackrecord and Ghost from flg.file. The track only contains one
     record, the other 5 positions in table showing at the end of race
     are free for your trial.
     If you delete flg-file, you get again (restart tool) normal reset.
     If you use FastLap-Reset, you see 6 laptimes in table at the end of race
     (the fastlap/driver and your own five trials).
     With normal reset, you only should see 5 laptimes.
     If you miss record, press F5 for next attempt.
     (You must do the FastLap-Reset for every new run)
     If you beat the record don't press F5 !!
     End GeneRally and press ZIP-Button in tool and you get zipped file
     for results automatically.

A.2 Competition Zipper

     This tool easy makes a zip file with the three needed files for this competition:
     track, screen, savegame
     The program looks for your last saved screen and savegame.
     Information (track, driver, best time) are read out of savegame.
     This program can't recover files you have forgotten to save!
     You can start Competition Zipper manually or with HotLap Master Tool.
     After tool has started, check the shown files and click 'Make Zip'.
     Zip files will be saved in directory \zip, which is created automatically.
     You can use different settings to name/rename files in zip, but
     for this competition don't change the predefined settings.
     2011/07/13 majortom